My Innermost Feelings By Heart 

I was looking for a baggy,
a powder bunny
I had a friend I grew up with, he hooked it up for me
I’m helping in my own way
when I’m stuck in bed
a little more than a memory sticks in my head

Enter the sun
just for noone
lights out no fun
into the bed, don’t get upset
enter the bed, you look so out of it
pull it together
we could do this, together one another
out of it, pull it together we could do this forever and another

I get sick when I get stoned
everything we do we do it alone

Who’s that walking down the stairs
double check there’s something there

Rosie is my favourite dog, bites my hand when I go wrong
takes her piss on the neighbours’ lawn
tie it tight and feel no pain
birds like this drive me insane
I feel
not people

I do believe we’re moving at a pace a little bit too slow for my taste
it’s such a crazy party, why not go?
And don’t you think you wanna know?
Are you a girl on a string?
Are you a girl on a string?
Are you a girl on a string?
Are you a girl on a string?

Don’t get hung on petty things
Swish it through, a better wing
Pick his house, a metal bone
oh, a man, a swisher
And I get down
I like it down
I just can
but I just
Stick your finger in my eye
thousand washed but youre not sold

I don’t love anyone but myself
and Marty, because he posts my money
I want anything
on Tv, i wanna be famous, 
do you think they want me?
I get high whilst you’re at work
I made a special drink, and I’m gonna drink it all by myself

My favourite animal is the whale
I like his big fat tail, I like his big big tail
I’m gonna burn with the cinnamon, and a pear
it’s a three-course meal

8. (instrumental)

I think you’re cute
I’ll keep you in the cellar show you to the children burn you after dinner you’re alright,
you look like someone i could bury in the garden cook you in the oven when I die, and
when I die, and when I die and when I die
I’ll pick you up
i’ll put you in the oven burn myself
you love me? Do you love me? You wanna die
do you really want to see us laughing at your body floating down the river baby you are good
u are god

I am so blue
How can I tell you
An empty strip, a dirty trick

Mary is the girl [...] [...] [...] [...]
She’s the only one that I wanna love

How are you today, I saw
your friends band play a little show last night.
It’s not my thing, they were alright
You were in my dream last week, I’d like to hear what you think
We passed the house, driving fast. the sun was shining on the glass.
We’re in the dream, you took too much, I didn’t mind being your crutch
it’s not the same, I don’t like how things change
dont like how things change
i dont like how things change
i dont like how things change

13. (instrumental)